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Leica unveils its new M-D, a digital camera without a screen

A camera that has everything the photographer needs: Adjustments for sensitivity, speed, aperture… and nothing else. This way, Leica presents which happens to be its most unique and daring digital camera (for some it will seem too surreal), the new MD (Typ262), which removes the rear screen from the device. One idea that the German firm already tested with the M Edition 60 and now aims to bring to more users with this body, which price will be around 6,000 dollars without a lens.


Its simple design allows for the photographer, according to Leica, to focus on creativity shooting. And the removal of the rear LCD screen makes not only so that all adjustments are made ​​through direct controls, but so you can’t review images taken either.


A throwback to the old days that is topped with another of the peculiarities of this rangefinder camera equipped with a 24 megapixels full frame sensor: it can only work in RAW format. Something that apparently eliminates the need for adjustments for white balance or processing JPEG.

To select ISO, the Leica MD bet on a curious rear command that pays homage to the classic wheel sensitivities used film models

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