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Microsoft “turns its back” again on Windows 10 Mobile

The results Microsoft is obtaining with the mobile version of Windows 10 are much worse than what the firm expected in the beginning, even more so if you consider the market penetration this system currently has, if you compare it with other proposals like iOS or Android, it is practically nonexistent.

In fact it’s getting to a point in which, given some of the latest movements from the people at Redmond, it would seem that they are finally starting to give up on their Windows 10 Mobile development. Over the last few months we have seen how Microsoft itself is updating and improving, in many ways, its applications on other mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, rather than Windows 10 Mobile itself.

Windows 10 Mobile

Well, the last movement we saw from Microsoft, does nothing but confirm this assumption, this was done in the last monthly update that was just made available to the general public. In this you can see that, once again, the Redmond firm has ignored the security errors detected in the mobile version of Windows 10, which shows that Windows phones are not exactly one of the main priorities of the company these days.

All this despite the promise made by Microsoft, to the few users of its system, that 2017 would bring several "great things" to mobile users and to incidentally try to attract new customers. Obviously this is not happening, as the firm itself is still pending to correct a critical security vulnerability in Windows 10 Mobile that allows hackers to bypass the access code and gain access to the device’s photo gallery. Therefore, if they do not seem to put too much interest in something as important as the security and privacy of its users, it would be rare to do so in other less transcendental sections.

Microsoft no longer has Windows 10 Mobile in mind

As we have said, the last cumulative update of Windows 10 released in the last few hours, which is also available for mobile devices, does not provide any patch for the aforementioned block screen error, leaving mobile devices with this system exposed in case someone wanted to gain unauthorized access to your photo gallery, an error that was detected more than a month ago. It is possible that this fix will finally take place next April, coinciding with the arrival of the expected Creators Update, but as far as the mobile version of Windows 10, it is not known what could happen.

What is clear is that if the operating system developer itself does not seem to show much interest in their project, few to no users will show interest in making use of it, neither now nor in the future.

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