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My review about Sony QX100

I’ve got myself a RX100 Mark II which has the same exact hardware in the Sony QX100 relating to what actually is used in the process of capturing a photo so I know exactly what the quality is of this thing. The photos you can take with the RX/QX100’s 1" sensor and Zeiss lens are stunningly amazing for what amounts to a point and shoot camera, albeit a $750 point and shoot (actually $900 for me as I just got the HVL-F20M flash delivered 2 days ago). The RX100 Mark II has the very same ability to connect to a smartphone or tablet as the QX series does, so I’ve been able to mess around with the Sony Play Memories app. Its a really awesome concept, and you can tell in the future it will be a really nice thing, but for right now its just downright annoying to try using it in any fashion for replacing your dedicated camera. Its slow, has a clunky GUI, and it is just very limited in the controls you have vs the actual body of the RX series while support for capturing RAW images and a bunch of other features didn’t make it through the body removal. I’ve tried it with both my Galaxy Nexus using its NFC to speed up the process of making the ad-hoc wifi connection go slightly faster as well as using it with my iPhone 5 and 5S. It works for getting some shots in the end, and its a neat gadget to play around with, but at this point thats all it is, a toy that is there solely to play with.


I applaud Sony for taking the initiative and coming out with devices like this, but I’m super glad I chose the RX over the QX series now after I’ve tried out the RX and the features the QX line has borrowed from it. Give it a couple years and then you will have something like this that actually can take a full cameras place. But for now I’ll stick to using my 1D Mark IV, 5D Mark II, and the RX100 Mark II when I really need to get the shots I want in what particular setting/use I have at that time.

Somebody had to be the first to market with this concept and that has turned out to be Sony.

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