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New Fujifilm Patent: Hybrid Autofocus Pixels

Fujifilm has recently patented new technology related to a future sensor: hybrid autofocus pixels. According to the Japanese website Egami, these hybrid pixels will substitute for phase-detection pixels, used up until now in camera sensors like the Fuji X-E2 or X-T1, which allow for a huge improvement in autofocus velocity with respect to models of the previous Series X generation. The phase-detection pixels pass information to the camera to speed up the autofocus, but they don’t fulfill their traditional role of capturing light, which translates into a certain “image quality degradation.”

hybrid autofocus pixels

To compensate for this deficiency, hybrid autofocus pixels have arrived on the scene, which would be able to do both jobs: transmit light and the information necessary to speed up autofocus. Egami stresses that the transmission of light by hybrid pixels “won’t be 100%” but that they would be able to “minimize the degradation of image quality.”

With autofocus hybrid pixels, its organic sensor, and its new color scheme, it seems that Fujifilm is working hard to continue its development of vanguard sensor technologies. Its aim is clear: to design its own sensors and become independent of Sony, the company responsible for the basis of its X-Trans sensors.

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