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New Leica M Monochrom Limited Edition

Normally, the Limited Editions of any product have a higher value then the regular version. If the product is a Leica camera, it gives you more reason to feel worried. This is the case with the new Leica M Monochrom, which came to be from a collaboration between the German manufacturer and Nordic Photo Imports, to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the latter which will be available only in Denmark and Sweden.

Leica M Monochrom

If the Monochrom itself already has a value of 7.000 euros, just because of its body, the Limited Edition will run up to 140.000 crowns, which equals more than 15.500 euros, or 21.000 dollars. There will only be 25 units of this edition on sale designed in silver color with brown leather, which will include a Summilux M 35m f/1.4 ASPH lens, a matching strap, and luxury cases for the camera body and lens.

This particular telemetric camera, was announced two years ago after quite some time of rumors. The most interesting aspect, is that this camera only shoots in black and white. It has nothing to do with the camera shooting in color, and later on transforming it to black and white, as is done by almost all cameras on market, but that its CCD 18 megapixel sensor does not capture color at all.

Although it might appear inconvenient, that the camera only shoots black and white, it is indeed a great advantage. In theory, this Leica promises the capture of images, even at a high ISO 10.000 and also shoot images to greater quality compared to a color sensor. Besides the special sensor, the rest of the characteristics of this Leica M Monochrom are similar to the Leica M9 and the design which is identical to the M9-P.

The camera allows the images to be processed before extracting them to a computer, with just the simple touch of a button, providing it with various effects (sepia, selenium…). The camera also offers the ability to provide a histogram of the image in RW format, without any modifications, to be able to control exposure and tonal values of the photo in a more precise way.

It is out of doubt a very interesting piece of hardware, but if paying 7.950 dollars for a camera like this, is something that only a few can afford, this new Nordic Photo Imports Limited Edition will remain restricted to only a handful of people.

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