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New MIOPS, control your camera from your smartphone for high speed

MIOPS, behind this name hides the new project of NeroTrigger in Kickstarter, to control your camera from your smartphone. The project consists of two elements: the receptor which is placed over the camera and the application we install in the smartphone.

MIOPS promise to offer the overall characteristics necessary to realize high velocity with only one unit and advantages of using the application on the smartphone via Bluetooth.

Of course, besides high velocity we can control the cameras other functions. The receptor is light-weight, compact, and has an LCD screen, is rechargeable through USB, actualizes firmware via USB and is compatible with a great number of digital reflex cameras.

MIOPS also has three types of different sensors: light, sound, and laser. This allows the camera to trigger with lightning, fireworks, or by interfering with the laser beam. These sensors are connected via an input port. It’s also commented that you can connect through a pressure sensor, for example, under a welcome mat, we could take a picture every time someone comes home. Anyway, there are many possibilities.

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