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New Nikon D810: 36.3 Megapixels and Expeed 4 processor without low pass filter

It was necessary. Nikon has presented today the natural evolution of the actual D800. Under the name of D810, this new reflex arrives with some changes that, even if they are not really revolutionary, they will improve the performance that is offered by the series today. The most evident example is found in the sensor, that continue to be of 36.3 megapixel but which Nikon has given a makeover by eliminating the low pass filter, obtaining even better image definition. Also, the addition of an Expeed 4 processor helps to improve the performance of the ISO (Now it reaches around the ISO 12800) and the speed of image taking, reaching the 5 images per second at maximum resolution or 7 images per second with a DX cut.

Nikon D810

Esthetically, it doesn’t show many changes, It’s screen continues to be of 3.2 inches although it offers better resolution (1.22 Megapixels) the mode dial has changed slightly and its magnesium sealed body continues to have the same appearance that the last model. It’s worth highlighting that the ISO 64 sensibility mode (Extended ISO 32), the 1080 60p/5p video filming (doesn’t quite manage to arrive to the 4K) and its 51 focus points.

The price of this D810 is set at 3.300 USD for the United States.

Nikon D810 Screen

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