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Nikon announces the COOLPIX P600 and COOLPIX P530, two excellent cameras with Super-zoom

Nikon has announced today the addition of two new cameras with super power zoom to their COOLPIX series: the COOLPIX P600, which includes an impressive 60x optical zoom, and the Nikon COOLPIX P530, with extraordinary precision and a 42x optical zoom. As well as offering the perfect balance between a small body size and a very powerful zoom, both cameras feature a backlit 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and an electronic viewfinder, which allows creative photographers to capture moving images with incredibly accurate detail, even in low light conditions.



Nikon COOLPIX P600: a sophisticated performance for more creative options

The COOLPIX P600 has been created for those who love to capture every detail, as this portable and powerful camera combines exceptional accuracy and a superzoom lens with a sleek body design.

Its NIKKOR lens with a 60x zoom, expandable to 120 increases with Dynamic Fine Zoom, covers a range from 24 mm to 1440 mm and has a Super ED glass to achieve exceptional image quality. The COOLPIX P600 features a large LCD foldable high resolution screen (921000 pixels) with RGBW lighting technology to help art photographers obtain creative and beautiful pictures. Moreover, the vibration reduction function (VR) ensures sharp images even with a 60x telephoto lens, and the Active Mode minimizes the camera shake when walking or shooting from a moving vehicle so that stability is ensured at all times, even in the hands of the most dynamic action photographers.

New features such as contour and edge highlighting allow you to easily view the screen and adjust the intensity for clearer details. On the other hand, the AF algorithm and smart camera processor guarantee that this camera can always capture the most memorable moments with perfect focus and a significantly reduced waiting time between shots. The integrated Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to share all your adventures right on the spot, thanks to its ability to send images directly from the camera to a mobile device, sending them via e-mail or instantly uploading them to your social networks.

Another advantage for those who want a portable camera to explore the outdoors is the continuous shooting mode (7 fps), ideal for photographers seeking to capture fast moving animals or vehicles. For filmmakers, the COOLPIX P600 records high definition videos (Full HD) at 1080/60i with stereo sound with the touch of a single button, allowing you to capture a scene of great quality from any angle. The custom function mode button provides quick access to settings like ISO sensitivity, White Balance or Exposure Measuring, so you can have total control of your camera.

Nikon COOLPIX P530: accuracy and performance at your fingertips

The COOLPIX P530 is the ideal companion to capture all the perfect moments, as it ensures that even distant objects are easy to capture with crisp, sharp and clear detail thanks to its incredible 42x optical zoom, expandable to 84 increases with Dynamic Fine zoom, and its 16-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor.

Do not miss a detail with its full HD recording capabilities and the VR (Vibration Reduction) function, which nullifies the camera shake so you can record excellent videos with ease, even if you are in a moving vehicle.

Its large 7.5-cm screen (3 inches) has a 921000-pixel resolution and an anti-reflecting coating and many brightness adjustment options to guarantee you will always clearly see what you are recording. However, you can easily switch to the electronic viewfinder for accurate framing to suit your shooting preferences.

As for the difficult tasks, such as photography of distant wildlife or high contrast settings, the COOLPIX P530 offers scene modes tailored to suit a powerful zoom settings, which will help you get the image you are looking for.

Nikon COOLPIX P530

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