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Nikon announces the new Df, a full-frame reflex camera with 16 MP and a very nostalgic feel

The lack of video recording is one of the most significant in this model, which will cost 2,996 dollars with a renewed version of the 50 mm f1.8.

Nikon DF

"A DSLR with a design inspired by the iconic film cameras Nikon 35 mm." With these words, the Japanese company presented today their long-awaited camera, which has finally seen the light after sneaking into the headlines in recent days and which design and specifications have been a secret, until now.

Armed with the same 16-megapixel full-frame sensor the D4 features, the new Nikon Df emphasizes its classic and strong design, with a body weighing more than 700 grams. The viewfinder, with a 100 % angle of view and a pent prism crowning its body, is another distinctive feature of this reflex.

Nikon DF

Nikon DF

Besides mechanical dials to control the speed, exposure compensation and sensitivity -with forced values ​​to 204800 ISO- , the camera has a small LCD display with many of its configuration options. The rear is occupied by a set of 3.2 -inch screen with a 920000-pixel resolution.

No Video

The purist feel Nikon was going for with this camera can be felt not only in design but also in performance. This is the first reflex camera from the company in years that doesn’t feature video recording (specifically since 2008, when Nikon’s D90 was released). Nevertheless, this camera does feature an HDR mode and a preview screen. Scene modes and art filters are nowhere to be seen, though.

Nikon DF

Nikon DF

Among the classic features of this camera -as well as a shutter that allows using the traditional threaded trigger, almost a rarity nowadays – and unlike the rest of the company’s reflex cameras, the Nikon F mount also supports Nikkor lenses without the Ai system.

Nikon DF

Another classic wink Df: the thread that allows for the usual cable release.

It also boasts a 39-point autofocus system, burst modes of up to 5.5 frames per second and a shutter speed of 1/4.000 second and a life of 150,000 cycles. The flash, meanwhile, can synchronize up to 1/200 of a second.

It’s available in two colors (black and silver with black accents); the Nikon Df comes accompanied by a new version of the classic 50 mm f1.8, which also shares its classic look and feel.

Nikon DF lens

Nothing has been officially stated about its release date, but rumors talk of a price of around 2996 Dollars along with the aforementioned 50 mm f1.8.

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