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Nikon conceives a D810A for astronomical photography

Beyond the manual modifications that some users do on their own in cameras, till now, Canon had been one of the few manufacturers that had launched special version of their SLR, tailored to the needs of astronomical photography. Now its Nikon’s turn, that with the recently announced D810A has penetrated in this niche with its champion full frame sensor with 36 million points of D810.

Nikon D810A

As it always occurs in these versions, the key is in the infrared filter supplied in the digital sensors. These way, the D810A comes with a new modified filter version in order to achieve, according to the company, a camera four times more sensitive to the H-alfa spectral line and therefore able to photograph the red from the nebulae.

In addition to this change from the original mode, the D810A also has related astrophotography specific modes with the shot in B mode, the long exposures and work from the back screen in Live View.

Nikon D810A

In this same line, the possibility of using the electronic shutter in the first curtain to avoid any possible jitter is also among the novelties. Another point that stands out is the camera autonomy, capable of taking more than 3800 shots with one single load of the EN-EL15 battery.

Moreover, this SLR keeps the same design and specs from the D810, such as the Expeed 4 processor, the 3,2” screen, the 51 point focus system or the possibility to work small sized images on RAW format.

Nikon D810A

Nikon D810 vs D810A

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