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Nikon creates more rumors about their “FM digital” with a mysterious video

Remote fields, the shutter sounds along with the classic click of the adjustments and a vague picture of a 50 mm f1.8. Despite these vague details, he video Nikon has just released seems to confirm the rumors about the upcoming release of a classic-looking camera.

Already known among fans as the "FM digital", both the motto of the teaser ("Pure Photography") and the text (“In my hands again”) seem to give validity to this theory. This is, in fact, something users and fans have been asking from Nikon for a long time, though we’ve yet to see a classic-looking digital camera from the company.

Although the design of this new camera –which could probably be released in upcoming weeks-, seems pretty clear and supposedly very similar to the well-known FM2, we know very little about its specs.

In any case, rumors talk about the same full-frame sensor the D4 used. Despite originally everyone talked about a mirrorless camera, the latest details seem to hint a reflex –we think this is for sure now- with an F-mount from Nikon.

This video has been released shortly after Sony announced their new A7 and A7R, two full-frame mirrorless cameras. However, it seems this is a project Nikon has been working on for a while now, and not a quick reaction to Sony’s latest products.

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