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Nikon D4S and D610: watch the armor

The subject itself is not new, but what is new are the models that must be written down on the counterfeit Nikon Cameras list: D4S and D610.

In effect: the technical services of the prized firm warns us that they are detecting an increase of these counterfeit cameras coming in for repair or service, which logically Nikon refuses to give.

Nikon D4S

Another model which was detected of being counterfeited was the Nikon D800 E. Apparently what these scammers do is replacing the upper housing, thus, making their counterfeits worth more than the base models D800, D600 and D4. In the case of the D600, let’s remember they gave poor results for problems with the shutter.

Nikon D4S

But incredibly, models FC (APS-C) are also coming in for service, like the D7100 for example and the D610 mentioned before looking like a FX (24x36mm).

It is understandable that this cameras are being acquired through dubious channels, and also that the buyers don’t check the mouth of the camera mount. It’s enough with just looking at the size of the mirror.

On the other hand, through the menu – as the firm indicates on the link below – one can verify the model of the camera. The point is that, according to where you made your purchase, you should go back and look for the seller.

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