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Nikon D750: New Entry into the DxOMark TOP TEN

Star in the last Photokina this year, the Nikon D750 has grabbed the attention of fans and professionals alike. It has even been allowed the luxury of being reviewed and praised in specific sites such as EOSHD, mostly with users of other brands.

With a newly developed 24.3Mp sensor, wide range for ISO and a number of features extracted from her sisters, the pro has an enviable future.

Nikon D750

DxOMark has analyzed its sensor and compared its performance against its competitor’s full frame. Their findings leave no room for doubt.

While at the same 24.3Mp resolution of the Nikon D610, it also offers a high ISO sensitivity, from ISO 100 – ISO 12,800, extendable to ISO 51,200. Like the Nikon D610 sensor, the Nikon D750 also employs an anti-aliasing filter to smooth out the finer details and avoiding the Moire’s adverse effects. This contrasts with the sensor of the 36.4Mp Nikon D810, which removed the filter to allow more detailed captures.

The Nikon D750 is also situated between the D610 and D810 models in terms of price. It is also slightly more expensive than its main competitor, the Canon EOS 6D and Sony a99, with more time on the market. However, the Nikon D750 is clearly at the upper end of the spectrum, using the EXPEED 4 processor of the Professional D4 Series, a tiltable 3.2" LCD screen, an impressive AF Multi-CAM 3500FX II system of 51 points and up to -3 EV sensitivity, 6.5 fps continuous burst shooting, and integrated Wi-Fi.

In the DxOMark global analysis, the Nikon D750 surpasses the Canon EOS 6D in ELEVEN!! points, and the Sony a99 in 4. The Nikon D750 surpasses both models in Dynamic Range and in ISO with remarkably room to spare.

Good prospects for the youngest of Nikon DSLRs.

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