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Nikon D760 series, a low price Nikon D5

The coming year could see the arrival of three new Full Frame cameras from Nikon. We have already spoken about the Nikon D620,which could be considered the most economical option. But now we are receiving more news about the Nikon D760 which looks primed to turn into a low priced and high-speed version of the Nikon D5 with a high ISO and the same sensor as the Japanese company’s flagship model.

Nikon D760

Same sensor as the Nikon D5

The new information we have received concerns a new type of mini Nikon D5 that will arrive in 2017 and which will be none other than the Nikon D760. The main feature these two cameras will have in common is the 20.8 megapixel sensor. Logically the sensor will be of an inferior resolution to that of the Nikon D810 and even to the D750, however it will achieve a level of sensitivity unsurpassed by anything on the market.

A new direction for the Nikon D760

The idea behind the Nikon D760 seems to be to convert it into a low priced Nikon D5 which has had great success among its users who are looking for a versatile Full Frame option from within Nikon’s product line. It may even be considered a sort of Canon 5D, but from the company with the yellow label.

Nikon D760

Despite its success and the favorable reviews it has received, the Canon 5D continues to dominate this sector of the market and it looks like it will continue to do so since Nikon has decided to take the D760 in a new direction. Some loss in resolution will occur with the integration of the 20.8 megapixel sensor (the sensor on the previous generation D750 was 24.3 megapixels), however, with it they will be able to achieve many things.

The speed of the camera will increase, but above all, the new sensor will achieve better resolution at higher ISO values. While the Nikon D750 maxed out at 12800 ISO, the new Nikon D760 will aspire to achieve a maximum ISO value of 102700, narrowing the gap between it and the Nikon D5’s 3 million ISO maximum. All things considered, the new sensor’s best feature is that it will produce better results, with less noise at lower ISO levels.

The Nikon D810 is considered to be the high-resolution camera of choice for those photographers interested in capturing landscapes and taking portraits with the highest possible resolution. On the other hand, the Nikon D5 is a professional, high-speed camera capable of resolving very high ISO values. The Nikon D610 (the Nikon D620 in future models), with its good resolution and Full Frame sensor, has come to be considered an economical alternative to the Nikon D810. Nikon hopes that the D760 will come to be considered as the same type of alternative for the Nikon D5.

Nikon D760: possible launch

It’s still not clear when we can expect the launch of the new Nikon D760. It looks as if the D620 will be the first Full Frame camera from Nikon to arrive in 2017. The Nikon D820 will be the last and it is possible that sometime in between the two, or in conjunction with one of the two, the Nikon D760 will launch. It is a camera which aspires to surprise the market by being the company’s freshest offering.

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