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Nikon Df: first tests

After a long wait, the long-awaited Nikon Df is finally here. Announced a couple of weeks ago, this classic-looking 3000-dollars SLR comes with the special edition of the 50 mm f1.8 and has been the object of heated debate as of recently. Is this the digital FM camera many users have been asking for? While we attempt to find out, these pictures taken with the new Df should be enough for now.

Nikon Df

Unpack the camera, charge the battery, attach the strap-front hitch, and you’re set. That was the plan, and that is exactly what we have done the moment we received one of the first units of the Nikon Df that arrived here.

Still too soon to give a verdict, we let the results we obtained speak for the camera. Although, on second thought, expect few surprises in this regard: the 16-megapixel CMOS sensor –it is the same the D4 features -and the 50 mm f1.8 lens are very well known and true fan favorites.

It looks and feels solid, albeit a bit small once it is in your hands. This was our first impression with the Nikon Df while we tried to get used to the vast array of dials and buttons it has.

This is especially useful for those who don’t like navigating through a lot of menus, though getting used to it takes a bit. The idea is simple: you can configure anything without using the screen.

Like we said, however, you have to get used to this. The power button is very uncomfortable to use and the dial mode is too small. Hopefully, this is just a bad first impression we can shake off by using it constantly.

What about the performance? Since we don’t have time for a big review right now, we have to state the obvious: excellent viewfinder and great performance with high sensitivities and low-light scenarios (although we missed the auto-focus the D4 had). JPEG files are not as good as we expected, though.

It’s also worth remembering this camera is designed for more conventional and simpler tasks as is not as sophisticated as, say, the Nikon D800. The battery? Nothing to worry about, as we could take 300 pictures without an issue.

After testing it for 24 hours, we can say the Nikon Df is not just another camera. We’re still not sure, however, if this is a serious model or just a good but still unprofessional camera.

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