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Nikon has announced the long-rumored Df will hit the market in just a few day

According to recent rumors, this new reflex camera may lack video recording.

Nikon’s mysterious "Pure Photography" marketing campaign seems to be about to reach its climax, as this long-rumored camera will hit the market this Tuesday, according to a video Nikon published today.

Along with this announcement, Nikon revealed a few extra details about this camera, which the guys at NikonRumors used to pretty much release an unofficial set of specs of this model known as“FM digital”, although it seems it will be officially known as Df.


In the last of Nikon’s videos, some details about the camera’s body can be clearly seen, albeit for a short while.

Like many predicted since a few days ago, this is a full-frame reflex camera with F- mount that features a 16-megapixel CMOS, or at least this is what the rumors have been suggesting for a while, which seems to have been confirmed by this video.

Its viewfinder is very similar to the ones you can find FM cameras and, like the slogan of this marketing campaign suggested; it seems to be oriented for purists and veterans. Some rumors even suggest this new Nikon Df will not be able of recording video.

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