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Nikon notifies the occurrence of false DSLR cameras

You must be very careful of what you buy in certain auction sites. The little control that administrators have on places like eBay has led vendors of pirated products, mainly imitations from China, to turn that place into their personal yard sale. And recently a product type that has spread like wildfire for them has been the false DSLR cameras. It is something that Nikon already warned about in the past, but now stresses it again because imitation sales are not only stopping, they are multiplying.

The warning comes from the European division of Nikon, where they are nervous because of the consequences of the resurgence of fake cameras on the network. They are sold as if they were real DSLR models of the Nikon brand, but are actually much more bad cameras that do not remotely have what it takes to match the originals.

If it once was the Nikon D800E model that sold well in pirated version, now Nikon warns about other camera models, and you have to be careful. So not only are you going to find the D800E and D800, but now the pirates are also selling the D610.

You must be very careful with these models because what they do is give users an appearance similar to a bad quality toy in some cases, and reduced internal functions. These are not even remotely an accurate representation of what you can get with original Nikon cameras. As for what it is discussed, the D610 that are being sold are actually APS-C D7100 models that have been customized to look like what they are not. Another pirated model is the D4, which is being sold like the D4S, tricking users to bite in the process.

So, how do you know if you have a false Nikon? The process involves taking a picture, enter the Display menu and select the Overview option. There will appear the camera model in the screen. That will allow you to confirm if you’re using a much inferior camera to what you believe you have. Pirates do not seem willing to give up their attempts to continue taking advantage of users, so as Nikon warns everyone, you have to be very careful of what you buy and where you buy it.

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