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Nikon planning to debut in the smartphone market. Could we go beyond the cameras?

The market is changing and Nikon is ready to jump into the world of the smartphones: with such a fierce competition, will it succeed to impose itself?

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The fact that Nikon want to debut in the smartphone market with a new device is certainly interesting, not just because of the innovation that the telephone is expected to lead the mobile world, but also because we all know very well, that the smartphones are always used for taking pictures (we think only about the success of instagram, but there’s more).

The official confirmation has not arrived yet from the company, but it is known that the enterprise had the intention of make some changes in their product offerings. It is assumed by recent statements, and also by the obvious fact that the market is changing, and they are in need to focus on producing new and interesting products to respond to the desires of a market in which the camera is leaving the place (at least with the average camera user) to the smartphone. The president of Nikon, Makoto Kimura has talked to Bloomberg about the future of the company.

“We have always focused our ideas and attention into the cameras, but we can change the approach by offering products in an even bigger market”.

The direct reference, in brief, is not there. Although according to our considerations, since the only product that could be offered instead of a camera, and that has capabilities of shooting pictures is logically an smartphone (or, at the most, a tablet). What do you expect for Nikon?

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