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Nikon will probably be facing legal action thanks to their defective D600

Nikon still does not solve the problems caused by the faulty D600, and this time they’re facing possible legal action for mishandling the situation and the damage and inconvenience caused to consumers.

Nikon D600

It seems that the launch of the new Nikon D610 to replace the D600, as mentioned in PCMag, has failed to quell rumors and criticism. Apparently, as we read in Nikon rumors, the lawyers of the American company Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein are collecting complaints to file a lawsuit against Nikon thanks to the problems of the D600. They accuse Nikon of mishandling the situation by admitting there was a problem only in “rare cases”.

Nikon did not identify the cause of the accumulation of dirt on the D600 sensor, or recognized, as many consumers have alleged, that this is a widespread problem with the camera. To remove unwanted stains and spots in the photos, the D600 owners have had to repeatedly send the camera to Nikon, which was very inconvenient and time-wasting for them.

It is not yet clear what will happen to this collection of complaints, but it seems that Nikon will have to react quickly and effectively in this crisis that seems unresolved so their image is not harmed.

For our par, we will continue to update the information and see how this conflict is resolve.

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