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Nikon’s upcoming Smartphone?

Today, the use of smartphones for taking pictures is hurting the manufacturers of traditional cameras. The most basic models are being replaced for smart phones. We’re living in a time where being able to share the photo quickly is more important than taking good-quality pictures. Also, in an interview with Bloomberg, Nikon stated that they’re looking for a solution to this problem, which greatly affects the sales of their cameras. Does this mean we will soon see a smart phone from Nikon with a great camera in it?

Nikon’s upcoming Smartphone

Right now, most smart phones with above average-quality cameras look more like a compact camera sticked to a phone. In other words, the portability of the model is greatly limited. Take a look at Samsung’s Galaxy Zoom, for example. Only when a company can reduce the additional size a good camera takes, this will become a viable market. And even then, and despite the users willing to support these models, most people will still prefer smaller phones.

But, is the impact on the sales of common cameras really that drastic? Well, the answer is yes, and even though there are many other factors, smart phones are one of the most important ones. This year, during April and May, 25% less cameras were sold than during those same months last year, which has set the alarms at Nikon off.

According to the company’s president, Makoto Kimura, the manufacturer is focused only in making cameras. However, they are thinking on changing this vision to adapt to the market and meet the needs of all the consumers that opt for a smart phone. Does this mean we will eventually see Nikon’s first smart phone? Do they have a better idea? What we know is that the company has a team working on several completely new products, which supposedly will be released in less than five years from now.

Without a doubt, Nikon is working on something that will change the concept we currently have on cameras. Smart phones have greatly hurt the sales of cameras, especially the smaller models. No one could have imagined something like this would happen a couple of years ago, but today, with good light, the camera of a common smart phone is sufficient, especially if we only want to share our photos on social networks. The big question now is, what is Nikon going to do to surprise us?

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