Olympus launches new lenses that cover the entire focal range

Olympus has announced the release of the new high-end lenses, within the M.Zuiko Pro line which is known for offering a good performance and image quality, and by always looking for the photographer to have a good range of motion. In concrete, it is launching two new lenses that add up to the previous models, with the photographer whether amateur or advanced will be having 5 lenses to cover the entire focal range.

Olympus Lens

Olympus now launches two new lenses within this line. One of them is the M.Zuiko Digital ED 8 mm Eye Fish 1:1:8 Pro, that is characterized for being very bright, while the other is the M.Zuiko Digital ED 7-14 mm 1:2:8 Pro. Both of them are cameras for Micro Tour Thirds.

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