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Panasonic, all-rounder cameras to accompany us in our adventures


Summer vacation is here, and something that should always be in our travel suitcase is without a doubt a camera, the ideal travel partner, which allows us to keep the best memories with us. However, most cameras have a very important flaw: they tend to be fragile, especially in extreme situations.

It’s true that common cameras are resistant to impact and, in many cases, can get the job done, but there’s nothing better tan a camera specifically designed for adventure, such as a trip to the beach or the mountains. If this is what you are looking for, today we have for you a video showcasing the new series of all-rounder cameras from Panasonic.

Panasonic FT25, to resist everything

Panasonic FT25

A fundamental feature of a camera designed for adventure is that it must be really tough. And without a doubt, the FT25 is ready to resist everything you throw at it. If you’re going to the beach, it can keep working submerged up to seven feet underwater.

Cold temperatures aren’t a trouble at all, either, since it can resist temperatures of -10ºC, and it will remain in perfect condition after falling from heights of 1.5 meters. Tough, and capable, as well, of recording 720p HD video.

Also, it features a great 25-millimeter lens, with four levels of optical zoom. If you’re looking for a camera capable of enduring everything while still being small-sized, Panasonic’s FT25 is the one for you.

You can find out more about the Panasonic FT25 at the online store “El Corte Ingles”.

Panasonic FT5, to share our adventures on the go

Panasonic FT5

It’s important for a camera to be able to withstand everything, but sometimes it is also vital to share our adventure instantly. And while it’s true we can wait until we have Access to a PC and slid our storage card, sometimes this is not fast enough, so the Panasonic FT5 allows us to do this directly from the camera.

It features both Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity so we can upload our files to the cloud on the spot. And if we have another NFC device, like a mobile phone, we can quickly transfer our files between one and the other. It is also really though, as it can resist up to 100 kilograms of pressure.

Its specs don’t disappoint, as the 16.1 megapixels it sports offer great image quality. What we lose in resistance, we gained in image quality, as this model is capable of recording 1080p HD video.

Panasonic A100, to always have with you

Panasonic A100

We finish our recommendations with the A100, which is quite possible Panasonic’s most curious mode. It is a camera designed to follow us everywhere. How so, you ask? It is placed on the user’s ear, so it records everything from our perspective.

Linked by a cable, we have the lens in a small arm which has to be placed on our ear; while the sensor is located in a small case we can put everywhere. Both are waterproof and very resistant.

This camera’s most interesting feature is its capability of recording Full HD video at 60 frames per second. It even features slow-motion recording, but the quality is slightly reduced. It lacks a display but has Wi-Fi connectivity to directly upload or photos and videos to any social network of our liking. Which one would you chose? We’ll show you the three of them in the following video.

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