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Panasonic believes the future of cameras is 4K video

Although nowadays the 4K video is more than a fancy and nice extra feature than an actual standard, Panasonic believes it is the future. At least that’s what their stand at the CES told us, where they presented one SLR and one compact camera, both with this resolution.

Very Little is known about the former: it will be a new Lumix but with a Micro Four Thirds sensor, and Panasonic is testing their new SDXC Class 3 memory cards, necessary if you plan on recording 4K video.

Panasonic Camera 4k Video

The mirrorless camera capable of 4K video recording is not the only pioneer in this regard. Panasonic has also presented a compact camera, similar to the A100, but with 4K resolution instead of 1080p. The company showed this Little device sending a signal to a 4K screen, and the result was simply breath-taking.

It’s likely not the only camera capable of recording 4K video we get to see, however. The possibility of recording 4K is essential for any camera thanks to the vast array of 4K screens 2014 will see.

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