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Panasonic introduces the new and small Lumix XS3

Faith to the XS1 philosophy, the recently announced Lumix DMC-XS3 has now taken its place, with its characteristic designs and small sizes as its main features. In fact, beyond any aesthetic upgrade, the true new features are found inside Panasonic’s new model.

The 16-megapixel CCD has now been replaced with a CMOS of 14 million points, something that without a doubt will translate into better image quality, better performance with high and medium sensitivities and greater shutter speed, (up to 4.7 frames per second in burst mode).



Just like its predecessor, the XS3 features a stabilized 5-level zoom and a range of 24-120 millimeters, and uses microSD cards. Also, it features Full HD video recording.

It will be available around next September, and it will cost approximately $130.


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