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Pentax adds the heavy-duty K-50 and the affordable K-500 to its reflex catalog

Rumors about Pentax’s full frame reflex cameras are not uncommon, especially now that the Japanese company seems focused in offering units that feature APS-C sensors. Proof of this is the arrival of two new mid-range models to take the place of the K-30, and offer a more affordable alternative: the K-50 and K-500.

Pentax Camera

Based on a 16-megapixel CMOS, the K-50 is only a slightly update of the K-30 in regard to specs, as its main features are its strong and resistant design. With a modest size and a more curved design than its predecessor, its sealed body is this camera’s most prominent feature.

According to the official info, the K-50 offers an improvement in this regard thanks to 81 seal points, and its body, made from a magnesium alloy. This makes it waterproof and resistant to dust, dirt and extreme temperatures.

Pentax Camera

It will be available in 120 different color combinations, and except for its designs and sensibility (up to 51.200 ISO), the rest of its specs remain pretty much identical to the K-30’s, including the 6 FPS bursts, a 100%-range viewfinder, SR mechanic stabilizer, Full HD video recording, and an 11-point autofocus system.

According to Reflecta –Pentax’s oficial importer in Spain-, the Price of the K-50 along with the 18-55 mm f3.5-5.6 WM zoom will be around 935 USD.

Pentax Camera

K-50 is available in a total of 120 different color combinations.


The K-500 features modest, humble specs, as the K-50’s little sister leaves aside the sealed body and its waterproof and resistant characteristics. Instead, this SLR opts for a small body and a similarly small price: around 670 USD.

Pentax Camera

So, it has become Pentax’s basic SLR model, although some of its specs are unusual for a camera of these characteristics, like its finder (100 % range). Just like the K-50, it features an 11-point autofocus system, a 3-inch, 920k-pixel screen, the possibility of choosing between common and a rechargeable battery and several different effects and filters.

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  1. ALL those cameras… BUT only three take the 18-135mm, MY choice of lens. I was told I can’t purchase my choice of color AND buy a 18-135 to go with it, as they ONLY come with 18-55mm.. unless its white, black or red. WHY? ONLY those three will work the motor in Pentax lenses. What a sick joke!

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