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Pentax will present at the CP + a new version of its 645D medium format camera

What better remedy to overcome the hangover of the lCES than with more new photographic equipment? The CP+ show (Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014), to be held in Yokohama between the next 13 and 16 February, has in store some highly anticipated releases (including, perhaps, the EOS 7D Mark II from Canon).

Pentax Camera

The company that will surely release several new models is Ricoh. And it has already been confirmed that a new version of its medium format camera, the Pentax 654D, will be announced, as well as two lenses and an accessory designed to create digital duplicates from film.

It is all about the new Pentax 645D

Currently, this new camera is known as Pentax 645D 2014. This is not the final name, in fact, as it seems unlikely to be called exactly like its predecessor. However, they have already unveiled some of its specifications. We don’t know much, but at least it’s enough to give you an idea of what this camera is capable of.

The heart of this camera will be a new high-resolution CMOS sensor (at least we think it will have the 40-megapixel CCD sensor of the current 645D). Interestingly, several manufacturers of medium format cameras are starting to use sensors with CMOS technology over CCD, like Hasselblad, Phase One, and now Pentax.

More interesting details: New data from Ricoh says it will have a very high response rate in all types of scenarios. Also, it will feature a tilting LCD screen. At the moment they have said nothing about the price, but they have confirmed it will be available during the first four months of 2014.

Two new lenses and a duplicator

Ricoh will also release an Ultra Wide Angle lens designed specifically for this camera. For now, not much is known about it. Its release date is not yet clear, but it will likely hit the market along with the new 645D or shortly after.

new lenses

The other lens the Japanese company will present at the CP+ will be a macro, currently known as Telephoto Macro (not its final name), designed for Pentax CSC bodies with Q mount. Ricoh has not yet revealed its release date.

And finally, they will also present an interesting duplicator to generate digital copies from silver halide film. It will work with both Full Frame and medium format cameras, and it will coordinate with a new dedicated flash, calibrated for this kind of usage. Again, nothing has been officially stated about the release date.

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