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Photoshop Gradient Tool: mini-tutorial by Jean Miele on “Dpreview”´

Dpreview, under its mini-tutorial section, has published an article today by Jean Miele, in which he teaches us how to make gradients and selective tonal adjustments in Photoshop.


The boundary between add drama to the image but leave balance, or switch and chrome create a “technicolor” is very diffuse softwarianas with such tools

Nothing new, but here it is for all of you that may be interested.

What some people used to do (me included) under the amplifying glass with your own hands and a piece of cardboard full of holes (only in black and white, of course), can now be done (not me, because I don’t know how) with the wonderful tools included in Photoshop and many other graphical editing programs.

Today’s post is just the second part; the first one was published in March. Links to both are provided in case you want to know more.

Photoshop Gradient Tool: First Part  ;  Second Part

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