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Ricoh announces the Pentax K-3 Prestige Edition

Ricoh Imaging Company charges back with a new launch that aims to liven up the heat of the summer. It is a model not of great importance, but of limited distribution, that will enchant the brand’s followers. We are talking about the Pentax K-3X Prestige Edition, an exclusive edition that arrives with 2000 units in the entire world, incorporating firmware modifications and a few changes from the basic model.

Pentax K-3 Prestige

For Ricoh, it is a justified limited edition because of the popularity of the Pentax K-3, which is its leading model at the moment against the different SLR cameras they have in their catalog. Its popularity hasn’t stopped growing and at Ricoh, where it is known how important it is to strengthen the brand’s value, they believe fitting to distribute this limited edition model with which they will please their biggest fans and will help spread the popularity of the Pentax K-3 in stores.

On another scope, the Pentax K-3 Limited edition has also the intention to celebrate the good moment that the camera is going through. Recently, it has won different awards in the photography world, something that is not easily achieved by all the cameras of this type. It won the TIPA Expert prize for the best SLR digital camera, something that proved its quality.

We have already commented that the technical features of the camera are exactly the same as the original model, which makes sense. Anyways, as any good limited edition, they have incorporated some design changes to please the public. For example, we find that the camera’s pendant has been manufactured in artificial leather to have a more striking look, it has also integrated the logo that testifies that the Pentax K-3 is the winner of the TIPA prize which we mentioned before. This accessory is incorporated in the limited edition case itself so that it always accompanies the camera.

On the other hand, the housing and the battery zone have a new metallic grey finish that give off a design that is in sync with the interchangeable lenses. We can say that this is the most elegant model of the Pentax K-3 that we have seen in the market, although it makes sense as it is a limited edition. A box with an exclusive design is also offered, and the firmware is updated to the 1.10 version in order to provide better performance.

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