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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, half camera, half mobile.

Samsung is still looking for the formula that transforms their mobile-cameras in the complete device for photography fans.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung tries again in the world of mobile photography. After Galaxy Camera and Galaxy S4 Zoom, Samsung renew the idea of merging in one gadget an Android Smartphone and a compact camera of 10x zoom. The result is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

While the market of mobile phones have been ruled with iron fist by Samsung over the past years, the photography world seams immune to their strategy. As a result, Samsung even thought they have a wide range of options, seems to not be able to find its place. Is in the intersection of these two worlds that the Galaxy K Zoom wishes to fit, is a Smartphone that sacrificed thickness and weight (200g) to integrate a unique feature amongst other mobiles: a camera with a 10x zoom.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

The idea isn’t new, it’s a direct evolution of Galaxy S4 Zoom, but this time, the “S” is substituted by a “K”, starting a new family and avoiding the possible confusion of thinking it’s a high-end phone with a better camera.

Sensor and optical features above average.

Galaxy K Zoom’s lens is an equivalent of a 24 to 240 millimeters, with an aperture of f/ 3,1 -6.3. This is called a BSI CMOS of 20,7 megapixels of an 1/ 2,3 inches (similar to simpler cameras). Optic stabilizer OIS is also included, something almost essential in a compact camera with that zoom. Auxiliary lighting is a xenon’s flash and a LED. Of course, Of course it also records Full HD video at 60 fps.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Promising screen

The screen uses Super AMOLED technology, usually used by Samsung in other important gadgets. It has 4,8 inches with a 1280×720 resolution and a 306 dpi density, which puts it in a mid-range with phones, but in a high-end with cameras.

Android face.

As a Smartphone with 4G/LTE connectivity, K Zoom inherits a bit of the Galaxy S5 design with a plastic micro-puncture texture. Internal processor is a peculiar Exynos Hexa with six-core with two-core ARM Cortex A-15 in 1,7GHz and four ARM Cortex-A7, in an uneven distribution. So the image’s processor runs right, it comes with a 2GB of RAM memory and 8GB of storage, with an extension for microSD cards. Of course, Android 4.4 KitKat version will allow to install and execute any app in Google Play, with special interest in photographic features.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Price and launching.

The price, as it is a habit in Samsung, will only be known a few days after its launch in May, or when someone filters it. It will be logic to assume that it’ll be a similar price to Galaxy S4 Zoom. Now, the thing is to know whether merging two gadgets so different but complementary is worth it, knowing you always have to sacrifice something.

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  1. Mizanuur rahman

    price in Bangladesh

  2. I admire K Zoom, but due to higher Price could not buy! If this product available in Rs.10000/ that would be a best & Precious mobile camera for the users.
    Hope Samsung India will think about my advice, to liquidate it’s dump items.

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