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Samsung Galaxy NX: First impressions

  • We have had the opportunity to get our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy NX
  • The quality of photos and videos that we can take with this camera is impressive
  • Light-wight camera with many possibilities due to its versatility or services of Android

Samsung Galaxy NX

Last week, Samsung announced that today June 20 was going to celebrate an event in London in which, among other things, was going to be presented their first camera without mirror for Android. The expectations have been fulfilled and the Samsung Galaxy NX has been presented, a camera with interchangeable lenses for Android that comes in order to gain a foothold among the most demanding fans. FromHypertext we have attended the presentation of Samsung, we had in our hands the new Samsung Galaxy NX to be able to show you our first impressions on the device.

As we can see in the images of the official presentation and photos that already leaked last week, it’s a camera with a form factor similar to the SLR cameras, that is to say, we are in front of a camera that it is far from the compact that we are accustomed to see and, of course, the Galaxy camera, the attractive Compact with Android that the company launched for some time now.

Taking into account the size and device form factor of the device, we have a camera that is light in weight, something that is always welcome. The chassis is black and of very clean materials, it is pleasant to the touch and isn’t at all uncomfortable to grab or handle with your hand.

Samsung Galaxy NX

Logically, the most interesting of this camera as well as taking high quality photos and videos in HD 1080 p, are its capabilities linked to Android and its connectivity. We are talking about a camera that uses Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, which opens the doors to a complete ecosystem of applications focused on photography. You can share photos on social networks, edit them from the camera, use the GPS of the device to add geolocation tag, access to Trip Advisor and S Voice or S Translator Services.

The rear camera is dedicated to its 4.8 inch touch screen that offers a great experience of use and image display, a pretty important detail in the current market.

Samsung Galaxy NX

In addition to opening the doors of the World Wide Web thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, 3 G and 4 G/LTE and to services such as YouTube, the Samsung Galaxy NX camera featuring an APS-C sensor of 20.3 mgapixeles and its ISO range reaches 25,600, in other words, that the quality of the photos and videos we get with this camera are pretty good.

During the presentation Samsung did not mention anything about the price or availability of this camera, although we imagine that it will reach stores after the summer. No doubt we are in the presence of a good quality product with features that give it an added value.

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