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Samsung NX1 Mirrorless, staying in the top

We are accustomed to reviews of photographic devices of Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and others. However, we tend to forget other major brands which have been entering the cameras and lenses market. In this case, we have to talk about a camera of a giant: it is the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless, a camera without mirror of the Korean brand. We will study the most important features of this device. Come with me to explore what are their strengths and capabilities.

The most significant of the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless

Although this is a camera launched during the first quarter of this year (2015), the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless remains a high bet in the market for photographic devices, above all because it was the first to offer extensive Wi-Fi control function. In addition, it was responsible for incorporating the iconic brand operating system (Android) in camera handling. As always talking about Samsung, it is a fairly innovative device that led to other releases with similar functions.

Samsung NX1 Mirrorless

Samsung NX1 Mirrorless Features

Sensor. The Samsung NX1 Mirrorless has an incredible square format CMOS sensor, that means, APS-C, offering 28.2 high resolution megapixels. Thus, the picture quality is evidenced through the ISO sensitivity range from 100 to 51.200, to portray any type of light and condition of it. Also, the shadows are drawn perfectly on each frame thanks to the same technology.

Notably, thanks to its incredible range of ISO sensitivities, the camera can produce great pictures in any light condition.

Resolution. The camera has a maximum resolution of 6480 x 4320, thanks to its powerful sensor.

Autofocus system. The device has a hybrid auto focus system that uses 205 detection phases and 209 autofocus points by contrast. That is, the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless uses both Phase Detection system as well as Contrast Detection system.

The phase detection system is useful when you want to take pictures quickly, while the contrast detection system is ideal for areas that need to improve the focus on the frame. When both methods are combined, leads to more accurate pictures and more intuitive autofocus.

Shooting modes. Besides having conventional shooting modes such as manual, aperture priority and shutter priority, the camera has an autofocus mode which provides the ability to shoot a burst of photos, 15 fps with a shutter speed of 1/8000 (the second maximum shutter speed on the device). In addition, it has some shooting modes called “smart” whose names are: Action Freeze (freeze movement / action), Beauty Face, Fireworks, Landscape, Multi-Exposure, Night, Panorama, Rich Tone (HDR) Sunset and Waterfall. These are easily located on the menu of the LCD screen.

Shutter speed The Samsung NX1 Mirrorless shutter has the possibility to cover low and high speeds: 30 to 1/8000 seconds in manual mode, which allows you to take pictures that require both very short and moderate exposures.

Monitor. Whether to take pictures or record videos, the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless offers the help of a 3-inch LCD monitor that can be tilted to give the user a better view. This screen has a resolution of 2360K points to keep the most amount of frame details right on the device.

Samsung NX1 Mirrorless

Video. Besides having an amazing photographic capability, the camera has the ability to record 4K videos, being still one of the most powerful compact cameras of 2015. Not only can record in 4K, but also in Ultra HD and Full HD. To provide a more compact work and avoid saturating the camera video memory, the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless can compress videos on memory cards.

Additionally, you can choose the destination file. The videos can be recorded directly on external devices. The video recording formats can be AVI or MP4.

Software. As stated earlier, this device has an included software which contains i-Launcher, Power Media Player, Samsung Movie Converter, Samsung DNG Converter and even Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. More than a camera, is almost a computer itself!

Camera/Lens mount. The device mount actually supports many types of lenses, but its best performance is among wide-angle lenses and some long zoom lenses. The ability to change and to use lenses will depend specifically on the situation in which the photographer is found. The camera is compatible with a special lens, a 45mm f / 1.8 2D / 3D, which allows creation of pictures and videos in three dimensions. However, the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless is usually sold with the Samsung lens, the Samsung 16-50mm f / 2-2.8 ED OIS.

Image formats. Samsung NX1 Mirrorless Camera is able to shoot images in RAW or JPEG formats of any size that corresponds to the size of images in 3:2, 16:9, 1:1. Additionally, you can choose the color formats where photographs are shot for later editing in the computer.

Connectivity. The whole device is extremely easy to link with any other device. Stored pictures on memory cards can be downloaded to other computers via USB 3.0 connection. You can also use NFC (Near Field Connection), which provides the ability to configure the device for one touch connection between it and mobile devices. Once connected, the cellphones will be able to display the image seen through the camera.

When you want to transfer large image groups, you can do through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Even the Bluetooth connection can activate the Internet connection into a phone and allow the data use thanks to GPS. Thus, the data captured in the photographs shared on the network will be more accurate.

Samsung NX1 Mirrorless

Price and availability of the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless

We had previously announced that the camera was launched earlier this year, but is still valid because of its innovative features. Therefore, you can already buy it in any store according to availability. The computer has an estimated retail price of $ 1,100.

What do you say? Would you buy the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless?

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