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Samsung NX3000, a camera for professional “Selfies”

Samsung announced that this camera is “ideal for those addicted to selfies”. This is a digital camera with APS-C sensors with 20 megapixels, and an amazing LCD screen with 180-degree rotation capabilities, designed to ensure the best possible selfie.

Samsung NX3000This new camera has a “traditional” body that guarantees an image quality better than its predecessors and is compatible with all lenses in the NX line.

As Samsung promised, the NX3000 has a special modality for selfies that softens the image automatically (although it can also be done automatically) and makes selfies easy to take with a three-second timer that activates with the first smile.

Furthermore, due to a thicker body than the Samsung NX Mini, this camera has a faster shutter speed that can take six photographs per second. Additionally, its ISO is adjustable from 100 to 25,6000.

Samsung NX3000As is expected with these cameras, the NX3000 has an external storage of MicroSD cards, which facilitate sharing photos with Android and Windows Phone mobile phones.

Additionally, the camera’s battery can be charged via a micro-USB cable, also compatible with Android and Windows Phone mobile phones, aside from HDMI connectivity to view your pictures in a high-definition screen.

The NX3000 can be sold in black and white, and has a lens with image stabilizing features. It also has a removable flash. It costs about 529 dollars, but its price can vary depending on the configuration of lenses and accessories.

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