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Samsung SEF580A: Wireless Flash for the NX30

Samsung announced the new SEF580A flash dedicated to their CSC NX system cameras.

The new unit features wireless control. The guide number is 58, with a focal length equivalent to 105mm, plus zoom.

Samsung SEF580A

The range of viewing angles that the SEF580A can illuminate is 24-105 mm, and as usual, and it also supports angles corresponding to 12mm focal length.

To the A-TTL measurement they’ve added other options, such as manual adjustment in nine steps, up to 1/256 power.

The head can be tilted up to 90 degrees up (in four “clicks”) and dup to 120 degrees horizontally to the right (four “clicks”) and 180 degrees to the left (five “clicks”).

Samsung SEF580A

If you choose to use the SEF580A unattached to the camera, the wireless control is done from the integrated NX30 flash.

The SEF580A’s firmware is upgradeable via a USB port.

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