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Samsung WB2200F, with a 60x zoom and a long-lasting battery

Like other companies, Samsung has also been presenting their new devices in recent days. One of the most important is the Samsung WB2200F, a camera with a 60x zoom and a long-lasting battery, capable of longer photo sessions, perfect for a vacation or a trip.

Samsung WB2200F

This new model also offers an excellent 20 mm lens to capture even the smallest detail, as well as a double grip to make it easier to handle. This excellent camera will undoubtedly offer more in the future, since it’s a Smart Camera 3.0, as Samsung has called this type of cameras.


Among the most important components of the Samsung WB2200F is its 20 mm wide-angle lens, as well as the 16-megapixel CMPS BSI sensor, capable of offering the most beautiful pictures. It also features a 3-inch LCD screen with a 460000-pixel resolution as well as an electronic viewfinder.

Samsung WB2200F 

The i-Function allows you to manually control every aspect of the camera with the touch of a single button, though it also has a smart mode to automatically adjust most parameters and make it as easy to use as possible. This combination of modes along with the connectivity, make it a Smart Camera 3.0, as Samsung has dubbed it.

Connectivity-wise, the camera features Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity as well as the Tag & Go feature to instantly connect it to smart phones simply by getting both devices close to each other, without having to configure anything. This feature allows you to instantly transfer pictures between the two devices and automatically share them. You can also use the Remote Viewfinder feature to control the camera with your phone, or the Mobile Link to transfer pictures.


The camera looks and feels solid and robust thanks to its double grip system. It kind of looks like an old SLR camera; it comes in black.

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