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Samsung will offer one NX30 for free for those who drop the SLR in New York.

For aficionados in the world of photography who are considering replacing your old DSLR for a “mirrorless” camera, but do not have the patience to put the old camera up for sale and collect the necessary funds Samsung has an excellent proposal if you are located in New York.

Samsung NX30

Today part of the fantastic campaign #DitchTheDSLR Samsung representatives will be at Times Square between 12pm to 6pm will offer the opportunity to exchange your old DSLR for a brand new Samsung NX30.

This campaign does not seem credible, but Samsung has confirmed that the offer is limited to existing stock. The manufacturer has ensured that a generous amount of NX30 will be available to make the exchanges.

The event will remain active even after the stock of NX30 has been exhausted. There will be several entertaining games for the public and a lot of time to experiment with the NX30 and several other photographic cameras from Samsung. For those that are interested in acquiring a Samsung NX30 during this event. The manufacturer will offer a discount voucher worth $50 for those who “promise” to leave your DSLR aside.

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