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SanDisk creates the fastest 256 GB microSD of the world

Western Digital Corporation, under their trademark SanDisk, has announced the launch of two new 256 GB micro SD memory cards, including the new SanDisk Extreme micro SDXC UHS-I, currently the fastest one in the market since its reading and writing speed reaches respectively the 100 and 90 MB/s.


Video cameras capable of recording at 4K resolution are already available for sale, and to be able to manage that amount of resolution, a memory card is necessary to provide enough bandwidth for the huge flow of data that this resolution require, and on the other hand to dispose a large storage capacity to save these. The new SanDisk memory cards provide both of these things.

With the 256 GB of capacity it provides, it can store around 14 hours of 4K resolution videos, making it ideal for the use of video cameras, sport cameras, smartphones and even drones. Also, when we want to take out the data from these micro SD cards, we can do it in a great speed, because the Extreme Model provides up to 100 MB/s of reading and 90 MB/s of writing, while the Ultra model provides reading speeds up to 95 MB/s with the same capacity.

In this last case for some reason the manufacturer has not said what its writing speed is, but it should be well below since he recommends it for Full HD resolution and not 4K (specifically said that it’s able to fit 24 hours of video recording to this resolution). It does say that you could transfer about 1.200 photos in a minute from the micro SD to the PC.

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