Sigma introduces the strongest light zoom lens

The 18-35 mm lens from Sigma provides a continuous light intensity of f1.8 and is the first of its kind; however, it’s currently only compatible with DSLRs having an APS-C sensor, full format is not currently supported. The price of the lens is not yet known.

The Japanese optics company Sigma has introduced the "18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM type" the brightest current zoom lens. The lens has a continuous light intensity of f1.8 and covers 18 and 35mm focal lengths. According to Sigma, it is only suitable for DSLR cameras with APS-C sensors, full-frame cameras are not currently supported. With a minimum distance of 28 centimeters for focusing, the lens is ideal for landscapes, portraits, still life and studio photography, according to Sigma.

Sigma 18-35 lens

The lens weighs around 810 grams and is equipped with an ultrasonic motor. The diameter is about 7.8 inches, with maximum focal length 12.2 inches long. The price and the official release date are not yet known.

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