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Sony A3000: first tests

“E-mount” is labeled on the bayonet of the new Sony A3000. which we could see and test during the IFA at Berlin. This NEX camera looks like an Alpha with translucent mirror, thanks to its name and design, but it doesn’t have any mirrors; this simple and affordable 400-Eur camera features an APS-C 20-megapixel CMOS.

A great deal of the IFA was centered around Sony’s QX devices, so the A3000 received little attention. Despite this, this model can very well start a new future for the manufacturer and who knows, it might be the beginning of the end for the models with mirror.

Sony A3000

Despite its appearance SLR or SLT camera, the A3000 ignores the mirror and is payable to the frame E.

Speculations aside, we do wanted to test this Alpha with spirit of NEX. However, we could only see and touch it, since the memory card slot was sealed in the model exposed at the IFA. This tells us it’s still soon to test and know what the model is capable of.

Light and affordable

The A3000 is light, so light that it feels kind of like it’s plastic-made. Then we remembered this is one of Sony’s most affordable interchangeable lens models; with an official release price of 400 Euros, we will likely see it for even less in stores sooner than later.

Sony A3000

Sony A3000

Few functions, big-sized buttons, a 3-inch 230000-pixel resolution screen: right from the start, the A3000 doesn’t hide how simple, affordable and easy to use it is –the menus are similar to the NEXT-.

Sony A3000

To make a camera this cheap, however, Sony has not only opted for a smaller screen, but also a simpler electronic viewfinder. It’s true that the conditions we were in were not the best to test it, but it certainly looks more like a compact camera than an Alpha. The A3000 also lacks an automatic sensor for this viewfinder.

Third Way

We’re waiting for the appropriate time to test this camera -we expect a lot from its 20-megapixel CMOS-, but still, we wonder if this alternative to Alpha and NEX cameras was really necessary. However, based on what we’ve seen so far, the A3000 does have a lot of new and interesting features.

Sony A3000

Whatever the case, we think Sony made the right choice, this model’s market is very active and with a lot of demand. Mirrors aside, it’s clear there’s many people that want big, affordable anr reflex-like cameras, and if you can give this to them, why not?

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