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Sony A5000: these are the mirrorless cameras that will succeed the NEX

Like they did by presenting the A7 and A7R, Sony is changing the names of their cameras with interchangeable lenses. The former NEX cameras are now A (Alpha). The first of this revamped series is the Sony A5000, spiritual successor of the Sony NEX 3N.

We say spiritual because, in fact, the improvements in the hardware of the A5000, and its price, set it on the level of the Sony Nex 5N. Without doing any more comparisons, the A5000 features the powerful Bionz X processor from the NEX cameras, especially efficient against excessive noise.

Sony A5000

Sony A5000

It features a 20.1-megapixel sensor that offers an excellent performance. Sadly, it doesn’t come with the hybrid focus system Sony’s more expensive cameras have. The Sony A5000 features a 25-point focus system that’s not exactly bad, but it’s not the best either.

Sony A5000

The A5000, like most recent cameras by Sony, features Wi-Fi and NFC. You can control your camera from your iOS or Android device. The camera is similarly-sized to the NEX 3, and it weighs just 210 grams. The 460800-pixel screen is foldable -180 degrees- to take selfies.

The Sony A5000 costs 600 USD with a basic 16-50 mm lens, and it will the market on March. Though the price-performance ratio is good, if you don’t plan on getting a new lens, it’s better to spend a bit more and get the Sony RX100 or the RX100 II. In any case, the A5000 is a fantastic camera.

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