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Sony A9 and Sony A9 R, these are their possible technical specs

There is a mystery behind the cameras that Sony could present at the Photokina 2016. The japanese company is very quiet, and that’s because a storm is coming, and it may just be the perfect storm. Its name, Sony A9. And it would not come alone, it would arrive accompanied by the Sony A9 R. That alone says it all, but these are the technical features rumored about the two new cameras of the company.

Sony A9, perfect balance in high-end

The Sony A9 will be a new camera in the Sony family, a camera that comes to hold a superior position to the Sony A7, while retaining the balance between a fast camera and a good resolution. It seems that its sensor will be a completely improved Full Frame compared to the previous Sony A7, and among its features are the following:

  • 24 megapixels Full Frame sensor.
  • 400 focus points for a full autofocus throughout the frame
  • 14 frames per second
  • ISO: 50-204.800
  • Maximum shutter speed: 1/32.000 sec
  • Double XQD slot

Sony A9

400 focus points guarantee us a new focusing system that is designed to make this mirrorless camera compete with the best cameras on the market when making action photography, like sports photo, or animal life. Keep in mind that the camera is able to capture 14 photos in one second, while maintaining focus on a particular subject, which it can follow with the 400 points of focus it will include, it’s insane. We do not know what their total burst capacity will be. We’re not talking about frames per second, that number we do know, 14, but how many shots would it take in a full burst. It’s not crazy to speak of infinite burst. We’ve heard it, and the fact that is this detail is being omitted, when it’s not omitted in the case of the next camera makes us think it will be a very important factor.

Sony A9 R, a version designed for high resolution

The Sony A9R will be the high-resolution version designed specifically for photographers seeking a higher level of detail in their photos, such as landscapers, or portrait photographers. This camera exceeds the previous in resolution, and logically, it will not offer such a long burst. But it will include an additional feature, and it’s that it will be sealed against adverse weather conditions, which makes sense when you consider the camera, would have to endure working on landscapes under storms without problems:

  • 42 megapixel Full Frame sensor
  • 400 focus points for a full autofocus throughout the frame
  • 8 frames per second / total burst of 40 photos
  • ISO: 50-102400
  • Maximum shutter speed: 1 / 32,000 sec
  • Double XQD slot
  • Sealed and waterproof camera

Both cameras will arrive at the Photokina 2016.

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