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Sony keeps their SLT series cameras with Alpha bayonet

With the arrival of the new Sony A3000, a NEX that looks like a reflex, many alarms have been set off. Even though it’s a very simple camera (and only costs 400 dollars) and Panasonic and Samsung already have similar models (cameras that look like SLR models but are not), the removal of the mirror in an Alpha camera raises many questions.

Is this the end for the SLT technology with translucent mirrors that Sony released on recent years? Are the days of the Alpha bayonet counted, and will the NEX cameras dominate from now on?


According to unofficial –but trustworthy- sources, this isn’t what Sony is planning, at least for now. SLT technology is still the best choice for certain models –the sources said- and the Alpha series will still support it.

The excellent focus system this kind of mirror commonly features seems to be the reason for this. The rumors also said the translucent mirror technology will be left for Sony’s most advanced models, like the successors of the A77 and A99. According to these sources, the Alpha mount –inherited from Minolta- will still be around.

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