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Sony Lens-style, new models

Around a year ago, Sony surprised everyone presenting a new photographic concept. It consisted basically on an optic to which a sensor and a processor were added, and, so it could be used, it had to be linked to a smartphone. Sony called this series the Lens-style cameras and we think they didn’t do badly because they just presented two more models of the same series, the ILCE-QX1 and DSC-QX30.



The first of these two models, Sony ILCE-QX1, is the most novel due to the fact that it allows you to mount E optics and also, with an adapter, A optics. Also, its sensor is a potent ExmorTM size APS-C and 20 megapixels of resolution.


It has an integrated flash, and, coupled with a smartphone and the new Play Memories Mobile App version 5.0, it advanced functions and Raw shooting.

Sony DSC-QX30

Sony DSC-QX30

The other model presented is the Sony DSC-QX30 and it is of a more similar line as the actual DSC-QX10. Sony added a powerful zoom 30X (24mm-720mm equivalent), stabilized with Sony’s Optic SteadyShot system.

Sony DSC-QX30

In this model, the sensor is an Exmor R TM CMOS of ½.3 inches.

Two new colors for the DSC-QX10

Sony has also added two new colors to the DSC-QX10 to adequate it to Sony’s new Xperia smartphones. This way, aside from the actual black and white colors, it will also be available in pink and copper finish.


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