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Sony NEX-5T, specs and price

The Japanese company has announced the Sony NEX-5T, a mirror less camera with amazing specs and better connectivity than its predecessors. It will hit the market on September and the most basic kit will cost around 698 Dollars, which included the stabilized lens SELP1650 (16-50 mm.)

Sony NEX-5T

The Sony NEX-5T is the successor of the NEX-5R; it features a 16-megapixel APS CMOS Exmor SENSOR, BIONZ processor and is capable of working with up to 25600 ISO. It can record 1.920 x 1.080 video (50p) at 28 Mbps.

This is the model of the series that features NFC connectivity, which means you can instantly connect it to your other smartphone or tablet simply by placing it near them and share your pictures and videos on the go. For those who don’t have/use this feature, there’s the standard Wi-Fi connectivity, also used to control the camera remotely.

It also features the hybrid focus system we saw on its predecessor, better speeds and levels of contrast in any level of light, which also works when recording video. It also features PlayMemories Online, automatic modes and touch screen, which makes it perfect for beginners.

As for the design, the Sony NEX-5T is perfect for those looking for a compact device but also the best possible quality. It features a 3-inch touch screen (921.000 pixels) that can be rotated up to 180º, very useful to take pictures from angles that would be otherwise impossible.

Sony NEX-5T

Sony NEX-5T, availability and prices

You can preorder the Sony NEX-5T now for 548 Dollars. It will be available this September and it comes in silver, black and white with a SELP1650 lens (16-50 mm.). You can add a second lens for an extra 250 Dollars.

You can buy it on amazon now: Reviews on Amazon

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