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Sony puts into circulation the Alpha 7 II Camera

The Sony Electronics camera catalogue continues to grow with new models. In this case we are talking about the Alpha 7 II, a camera model that is also known as α7II and with the model name ILCE-7M2. It presents itself with a series of advanced characteristics with the intention that the users can benefit themselves again from technical elements of interest, like a five-axis stabilization system.

Sony a7 ii

The stabilization system that this mirrorless camera provides allows its users to take pictures under any type of situation, no matter the camera movement. The image quality is always guaranteed to be elevated and without imperfections. It is a feature that is already frequent in Sony technology which is even more remarked in this model which, on the other hand, has a 35 mm and 24.3 megapixels full-frame sensor.

The users also find in the Alpha 7 II good profitability when recording a video, highlighting, in another vein, the ergonomics which the camera was designed with. To Sony it is a good opportunity to draw the attention of its users through the most innovative technology, an aspect in which they are always investing resources.

A Sony executive has commented that they are always trying to take the limits of this type of full-frame technology to a new level. They completely believe that they have achieved a level of experience that cannot be reached by any other camera, the reason for which this Alpha model gets to draw so much attention. They remark, as we have indicated, the five-axis stabilization system and also power of the full-frame sensor that they have incorporated. They also recommend using this sensor altogether with Sony’s or other fabricants’ specialized lenses.

Regarding the video recording, the camera stands out for using the Bionz image processing engine, in which the XAVC S5 codec plays a major role. This guarantees that the users will have in their hands the opportunity to make 50 Mbps video recordings with a great video image quality. It also has a quick start, NFC network compatibility, Wi-Fi connection, and support for the use of Sony’s PlayMemories app.

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