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Sony removes the mirror and adds an E-mount to the new A3000, which will be released alongside the NEX-5T

Its design and name may make it look like a camera from Sony’s SLT series, but the A3000 is actually closer to the NEX cameras. The Japanese company has removed the mirrors y and added an E-mount to design a model that looks like a reflex camera.

Sony A3000

Sony A3000

Aside from this peculiar combination and the possible questions this raises about the future of the SLT technologies, or even the Alpha lenses, the A3000 features an APS-C 20-megapixel CMOS sensor.

Sony A3000

Despite how innovative it looks, especially among other cameras from Sony, Panasonic’s G and GH series and some NX cameras from Samsung already play the game this camera does; the A3000 is a simple entry-level model, like its specs suggest. The 3-inch screen has a resolution of 230000 pixels, and its burst mode can shoot at up to 3.5 frames per second.

The electronic viewfinder also offers a resolution of 200000 pixels, far from the electronic viewfinders the latest NEX or Alpha models feature. Since it doesn’t have an SLT mirror, the automatic focus of the A3000 is now controlled by a hybrid system, like the rest of the NEX.

Sony A3000

Sony A3000

It also features many automatic modes and filters –as well as manual modes and RAW shooting, of course-, and the A3000, known as ILC-3000 in some places, can record Full HD video at 50i and 25p.

It will be available in September, and while the official price is still unknown, rumors talk about a release price of 400 Euros.


With the A3000 drawing all the attention, the new NEX-5T has been gone almost unnoticed by the media. This is actually an upgrade of the NEX-5R, which you can notice by taking a look at its design and specs.

Sony NEX-5T

In fact, according to the official sources, the NFC connectivity to make the integrated Wi-Fi configuration easier is the only different feature between this NEX camera and its predecessor. The 16-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, wireless connectivity and foldable screen (up to 180 degrees) of this small NEX camera are still the same the previous model offered.

Sony NEX-5T

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