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Sony RX1R Vs RX1 : A question of image quality.

The Sony RX1R is a copy of the RX1, except that the sensor has no low-pass filter : and why ? To obtain more accurate and higher-quality images. And Sony isn’t the first to adopt such a strategy. Nikon has already in the past released its D800 model without a low-pass filter (the D800E). We tested both models and saw no difference – but does the same apply to Sony?

Sony RX1R Vs RX1

Seeing as at the moment we can’t produce RX1R RAW files with the Lightroom software, we will first test the difference using JPEGs. As always, we used our test scene as the photo subject, at 200lux lighting with : 100 ISO – 1 / 4 seconds – f/5,6. All the photos were done at 100 ISO.

On the left is the photo taken with the RX1, on the right, the RX1R.

image quality

image quality

image quality

On the JPEGs, the result is truly breathtaking – the RX1R photos are of higher quality and precision (and not just in certain parts of the photo, but in its entirety). All we need to do now is see the results using RAW files to see if there aren’t any moiré problems!

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