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Sony will work on a curved sensor for smartphones

Sony, as it has done in the past, is one of the brands that, while not always right, are driving the photographic sector based almost on constant innovations each month. The latest news coming from the hand of DPReview, is the possibility that Sony is working to mount a curved sensor for their cameras for smartphones.

This idea is related to the already announced possibility of a spherical sensor similar to a human eye, Juan Carlos commented on this in the month of April, following in that line of work, which would increase the sensitivity and reduce chromatic aberrations. The engineers from Sony work to apply this philosophy in their smartphones cameras.

If we had to decide which company was the most innovative regarding photography at this moment the answer is easy: Sony. If we believe the images which appeared the forum digi-wo.com, it’s possible that Sony is working on a “Phablet” targeted towards photography enthusiasts possibly named the Sony Xperia 23X and which would come on the market in 2015.


This device similar to previous Z models in regards to design would mount a much larger lens in the rear and may allow for an external flash or visor attachment. The new rumored image sensor is the Exmor-RS IMX271SMK which offers a 22 MP resolution, combined with an F1.2 lens.

Reality or fiction, who knows? What’s certain is that, today, the only one who can surprise us with these advances is Sony.

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