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Special HDR photography: What is it and how can I make photos with it?

HDR photography

Who doesn’t like photography? It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t like to use a camera and experiment taking all types of photos: delays, landscapes, and macro details. It is a very creative look and even the most rigid person may enjoy shooting a camera and doing all kinds of tests.

That’s why today we would like to dedicate a special blog to amateur photographers. Do you know the HDR technique? It is a type of image that we have seen many times and has left us astounded. What is it? Today we will tell you about these amazing photographs.

Remember the last time you saw a great landscape? That great view you saw with your partner or that special architectural feature that you traveled to see. Sure you took the best photo, right? In fact you may have shown it to your best friend because you thought it came out spectacular. However, that photo could have been more vibrant and richer in color.

HDR seeks to do precisely that. It is a technique that allows us to take more vivid images with great dramatic effects. Well, we might want our photos to be more realistic and adding the hue may have shocking results.

HDR photography

An HDR image tries to get the photos lighting using several different exposures: one how we see it, one darker, and one clearer. The combination of these three images results in fun and colorful photographs like the ones shown in this post.

Purists in the world of photography will tell you that the best way to make an HDR image it to shoot two different photos yourself with different dynamic ranges: one low and one standard. You can see an example beneath these lines on how to take the photos and the result of combining them.

HDR photography

It is a good exercise to practice when taking photographs. Find a good place to take photos, take your tripod, and go experiment. Once you have finished combine images in the computer or using special software meant for this.

What happens when we want to use a mobile phone? There exist other solutions not as pure but just as effective. In this post we simply want to show what you can do with your camera with a bit of practice. In the next articles we will show you in detail how to achieve this yourself.

Like we said before, this is a much desired effect, but used excessively can result in an image you don’t want. Want an example? Take a look at the photo below. Doesn’t it seem a bit too much?

HDR photography

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