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Superstitions about SLR Lenses

As we evolve in this little world of Reflex photography, the way in which we conceive objectives and lenses is constantly changing. Along our journey, many times, we adopt many wrong, erroneous and baseless ideas related with the objectives. Here, there are some of them. Please, make sure you don’t fall for any of these superstitions.

Does Size Matter?

At the beginning of our photographic life, when we finish landing in the "SLR" world, we believe that the best lens is the biggest and longest one, the one with greater range and greater zoom. We’ve all been through this typical moment in which we have seen a professional photographer walk around with a SLR with an 200mm or 600mm telephoto and we have stayed open-mouthed, thinking "How lucky, I wish I had one as big as that".

Then in time, we start to evolve, and realize that size isn’t everything, and, that actually, the fact that an objective lens has a huge focal length doesn’t necessarily means that it is the best lens, because every situation and every photo has an appropriate objective.

An all-terrain?

After a while we realize that our lenses ( e.g 2) are a hassle, and that we wish we would have one objective lens alone that is able to reach all focal length that we usually use, from 14 to 300mm, so we don’t have to be constantly changing the objective. This is another mistake. It is not good to have a single objective with a wide rank of focal length. Well, it is not always good. There are times in which we can be interested, but we need to know that one only objective with wide focal length means an objective less specialized and very unfocused, its lenses and crystals won’t offer an spectacular result in any specific focal length.

Light weight?

There’s also people who usually gets confused thinking that they are interested in carrying in their packs lenses less heavy. It is true that this is only good from a healthy point of view, since your back or your shoulder would appreciate the decision of carrying less weight. Now, a good objective or lenses is always tight to a bigger weight. Quality lens mean more pieces, they are more solid and thick, with quality materials and crystals, which means a heavier weight. In fact, I know some people, who uses the weight of the lenses as a measure of quality that they always verify, before buying a new one.

If I had to sacrifice all my objectives and keep just one, I am very certain which one it would be. I would chose my star objective, the Master of objectives, the objective that made me fall in love for good with photography. And it is the objective that you should have too, because your camera is shouting for it.

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