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Surprising Remakes: Apple are bringing back the MacBook Air and Mac Mini

MacBook Air Just in time for Halloween, Apple is bringing back its products from the dead: after some quiet years there has been a surprise rerelease of the MacBook Air and Mac Mini – but also the iPad Pro, which Apple markets no less importantly than a notebook.

The good news for fans of the MacBook Air and Mac Mini is that Apple introduced the revivals of both devices today in New York, and they look really fresh and modern. Before that, both product lines barely underwent any improvement for years. The third and newest product in the range, the iPad Pro, is just as interesting.

New MacBook Air 2018: finally with a new design and retina

In the last few years, the MacBook Air has gone from being Apple’s new hope to their worrisome child. Although indeed occasionally revised, but still without a proper redesign for over five years, the ultra-slim notebook has already been discontinued; especially since the modern MacBook Pro and the 12 inch MacBook have long had similarly narrow dimensions.


Apple The new 2018 MacBook Air

But now there is going to be a rerelease of the MacBook Air. It has gotten slimmer, lighter and performs better too. With an improved keyboard, better speakers, noticeably thinner display area with a retina resolution of (2560x1600px) and – equally interesting – a unibody enclosure made out of 100 percent recycled aluminium

Apple New MacBook Air: even slimmer, now with USB-C ports.

With 8GB RAM, as well as 128 or 256 GB ROM, the new Macbook Air is still not a memory master and really, it does not need to be the work machine that the MacBook Pro is. For that, there is the current 8th generation from Intel’s chip technology. The new MacBook Air with 128GB memory will cost about 1,349 euros when released on 7th November.

New Mac Mini 2018: it lives, it lives!

The Mac Mini has been without an update even longer than the MacBook Air. So long in fact, that one could have made the assumption that there would never be a new one again. We thought wrong. Apple have also introduced a new Mini.

Apple New Apple Mac Mini (2018)

The new Mac Mini 2018 has again similar compact dimensions as its predecessor, but is sold this time as a performance machine. At least 4 cores of the current Intel chip generation are in it. 8 GB of RAM are installed as standard, but it can be upgraded up to 64 GB of RAM. Integrated is a separate T2 security chip. Up to three monitors can be connected to it, four Thunderbolt USB Type-C interfaces are available along with two old USB 3.0 ports.

Apple will sell the new Mac Mini from 7th November in Germany from 899 euros.

New iPad Pro 2018: “Faster than 92 percent of PC notebooks”

But what if the best notebook is a tablet in the end? Today, Apple also introduced a new iPad Pro, mentioning in passing that it is faster than 92 percent of all current PC notebooks. Apple claims this at 5 billion computational options per second in the new A12 + chip and data from the market research firm NPD compared to sold PC notebooks in the US between June 2017 and June 2018.

Apple Even thinner: the new Apple iPad Pro 2018

The message is clear: the new iPad Pro should be the better notebook. Apple has made the multifunction tablet even thinner compared to its predecessor and equipped with the said, faster A12 + chip, which works with several computer and neural cores. In the future, Apple will use a Thunderbolt USB-C interface, which can also be connected to an external monitor.

For the display, Apple uses the same liquid LCD technology as the new iPhone XR. Similar to the new iPhones, Apple has also omitted the home button and relies entirely on gesture control.

Apple In 11 or 12.9 inches: the new iPad Pro (2018)

What’s new is that the iPad Pro will be available in two sizes: 11 “or 12.9”. The cheapest version should cost 849 euros (11 inches, 64 GB storage, wireless only), the most expensive version 2099 euros (12.9 inches, 1 TB memory, LTE). The prices for the Apple Pencil of the 2nd generation (135 Euro) and the Smart Keyboard Folio (199 to 219 Euro) are there on top.

Conclusion: old and new united

Evil tongues could claim: Just in time for Halloween let Apple resurrect the dead. Many had not reckoned with a new edition of MacBook Air and Mac Mini. The fact that you are doing it now benefits a special clientele. There were apparently too many Mac users who did not see themselves represented in the current line-up. Serving them again underscores Apple’s ever-creed credo: No matter what you hear, we remain true to the Mac.

Apple And yet you cannot shake the feeling that the new iPad Pro gets more love. A pro-tablet, which should just as well be a notebook – and a faster than the PC competitor. Do you only compete with those or not in your own house between Mac and iPad Pro? Then again, it can be argued that there are many different uses and use cases for all current Macs and iPads. Apple has covered them all now.

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